SIAM Workshop on Combinatorial Scientific Computing 2020


Call for Papers

Research in Combinatorial Scientific Computing (CSC) involves identifying a scientific computing problem arising in a relevant application area, representing this problem using a combinatorial or graph model, describing the corresponding graph problem, finding an algorithmic approach to its solution, and carrying out a theoretical and/or experimental analysis of the approach. Contributions involving any aspect of this workflow are welcome.

We invite papers in all areas of Combinatorial Scientific Computing, including (but not limited to):

  • Combinatorial (discrete) models in scientific computing
  • Graph and hypergraph algorithms in scientific computing
  • Sparse matrix computations
  • Combinatorial problems in data science and network science
  • Combinatorial problems in algorithmic differentiation
  • Applications of combinatorial scientific computing
  • Randomized matrix computations
  • Streaming algorithms for combinatorial and numerical problems
  • Combinatorial problems in analyzing data stemming from scientific computations
  • Numerical methods for solving combinatorial problems
  • Analysis of large complex graphs
  • Statistical and machine learning methods for solving combinatorial problems
  • Interaction between algorithms in these areas and modern computing platforms, including challenges arising from memory hierarchies, novel memory technologies, and parallelism ranging from instruction-level and multi-core all the way to clouds and exascale